Lightweight, thin armor for helicopters and aircraft. Resistant to bullets at high power, traffic and fire. Interchangeable between units. armored-aircraft


Aircraft and helicopter armouring requires modern knowledge in materials, processes and techniques of installation. Armor International AviationArmor has a division dedicated to the development of ultra-light, in designs, remote locations, and the use of advanced techniques of fixing.

Helicopter Bell – 412 armored
Armored helicopter Bell 412 loading guacal with armor Kit Armor International.
Helicopteros Black Hawk armoring process
MI17 helicopter armoring process
In Colombia, this division has led the armor of fumigation of illicit crops, type Turbo Thrush, twin and single engine aircraft
using high strength and low weight, materials for ballistic standard B6 and B7 protection levels in 1063.
Armor International workers shielding fumigation plane. Turbo Thrush.


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