Armor International. Armored against everything.

Since 1981, Armor International has positioned itself as the company's greater experience in the market of the shield
from cars, trucks, helicopters, planes, locomotives, boats, items of personal protection and accessories that provide a comprehensive security.

The company was founded with the idea of countering the threats that were in the country by the onset of drug trafficking and the guerrillas.


"Ongoing research and development has led us to develop a product that we call 3D Shield, which consists of parts thermoformed conform exactly to the structure of each vehicle", commented Santiago Mejia Andrade, commercial Manager of Armor International.

Armor International has been performing management of opening markets abroad with a product of latest technology, very good quality, and this has allowed us to export armor kits to the most demanding markets and to the most remote places.

"During these 10 years of exports, Armor International has a scheme of distribution of shielding (3D System Shield, glass, tires, higher levels of armor, shield for boats and aircraft and personal protective clothing) that have enabled it to consolidate itself in very demanding markets while maintaining standards of quality by which it is recognized", says Mejia.

Within the expansion strategy of the company, has been operations with Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Netherlands, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Brazil, Thailand, Guatemala, Congo, South Africa, Panama, Lebanon, Suriname, United States, among others. The sales abroad of the company in the year 2008 to $ 2.8 million, which is equivalent to 46 percent of the total sales of the company.

"The company is heading in 2010 towards the consolidation of the markets that we currently have and shielding products diversification," Mejia said. Armor has 150 employees and 100 indirect.

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