Armor for BMW X7

NEW Ultralight 3D-Shield Armor System for BMW X7

3D-Shiled Shielding is Advantages Only ! 3D-Shield is a Level III-A NIJ armor system, exclusive to Armor International and proven in diversity of countries around the world and which has become the best protector of all types of vehicles and especially those with advanced technological system that require a rigorous and surgical installation process. 3D-Shield shielding is ideal for keeping all the accessories with which the new cars are configured to operate. Benefits of 3D-Shield Vs Market Standard Shielding.

  • 3D-Shield is 30% lighter
  • 3D-Shield has 70% fewer joints – more protection
  • Preformed in molds, not on the vehicle.
  • It has better fit and structural strength.
  • It doesn't generate noise
  • No vehicle cuts required
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • Waterproofed for longer lasting protection.
  • It does not produce mold or odors.
  • 3D-Shield integral shielding system installed in BMW X7.

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