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"As of today the Administrative Department of security has new vehicles intended for schemes of the former President of the Republic, former Vice President security and officials from the senior level of the organization."

armor shields

For this reason, and in order to inform officials who are part of these security schemes, the armoring process implemented in these vehicles, characteristics, finished interiors and exteriors, as well as accessories, support from the Office of special protection area conducted the seminar – workshop in the process of vehicle armor.

Special shielding Armor International – Special Projects
During the seminar, which was conducted by the official of the Area of the Office of special protection, Carlos Alberto Bermúdez, the Manager of Mercadeo de Armor International, Dr. Alberto Mejia, also were attendees the necessary directions for the proper handling of these vehicles in emergency situations.
armor Presidential – armor special Armor International – Special Projects.
Article publiciado intranet DAS and DAS supplied Armor International courtesy of Intranet.
August 2010

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