Institutional values:

TRANSPARENCY: Our work is done, clear, legal and verifiable.
SOCIAL responsibility: We support the development, well-being and improvement of the quality of life of our employees and their families.
SUSTAINABILITY: We are an organization that is attentive to the needs of the market, thus to innovate its products and processes, and be always at the forefront.

Values of the employee:
RESPONSIBILITY: We proceed with seriousness, assuming the consequences of our actions.
HONESTY: we act with the truth and honesty, respecting the rights of all.
WORK in team: with the contribution of all, achieve the objectives organizational.

Values of the product:
QUALITY: do the things well, complying with the requirements of them customers and them standards of the organization.
COMPLIANCE: spent of them promises to them made, generating results and meeting our commitments.
Certification: We comply with national and international standards, which assess the fulfillment of technical specifications of the product.