What is a level of armor?
    The difference between each level?
    What materials are used for armorings?
    What vehicles can armored?
    How much are delayed to armored a truck?
    Permission is needed for armored a truck?
    With the permission of armor I circulate every day even with peak and plate?
    With the permission of armor can park where you want?
    With permission of armor can I indicate to a policeman who for security reasons I will only open the doors in the nearest police station and will show you the documents through the window?
    With the permission of armor I use siren whenever you want? the megaphone? do the inter-communicated?
    What is needed to get a permit of armor?
    Can anyone armor protect car?
    What is the best material of armor?
    The shield of cars is the same material that the armor from vests?
    The fuel tank also modify it or the tank is the same original?

How much is worth a shield?
Does the engine lose much force with the armor?
How much weigh a armor?
Do much Extra weight means the armor level III?
Are there any movies that you put into the glass and stop bullets?
Do your glasses have UV protection?
How are the armoured tires?
The more thick glass stops more?
What is the difference between KEVLAR, ARAMID, TWARON and 3D-Shield?
What is the point to me that you have the ISO 9001 certification?
What is the certification of quality?
What certificate have or can get to know if a material is good?
Are there international laboratories?
Do you have certifications of customers?
The other day on television showed a material of armor that was delgaditico, as a paper of thickness and not weighed nothing, you know what?
What if I crash into an armoured car? Do not nothing happens to me? I hit really hard? The Airbag work? How I get out if the truck dump? How open me the doors if you have pins? What happens to the other vehicle? Do glasses come out to fly?
Does the cell within an armored truck?
My Mercedes Benz brings a device that operates the wipers automatically when it rains. Do you have the technology to make running this? And parking sensors? And the closing doors vacuum system?
Between heavier armor more resistant?
Do they how shielding a plane so that it is not very heavy and fall?
Where do you you maintenance to my vehicle?
With the time that wear suffers the suspension of the vehicle and other mechanical implications suffers?
There accessories discard oil and nails, tear gas, etc?
Do they operate glasses that allow you to shoot from inside?
Do you offer bullet-proof Gel battery?
That serves the blind if when they are attacking one he won’t have time to close?
Do armor level stops a bazooca or a rocket?
A level-3 armor stops me even a rifle bullet?
The more thick glass stops more?
What is best, shielding the wall of fire? or engine compartment?
If the shield level 2 does not work, why it sold all the others?
Why not does any other race without speed of bullets and the rest of additional conditions?
When a truck is shielded touches modified you suspension? and a hydropneumatic suspension be modified?
How is it to test a shielding material?
Can anything be done you motor so that the vehicle is speeding up as if it were not shielded?
What is armoring with 3D-Shield?
-Who else has it?
-What are the advantages?
-Is it a material?
-Why does better armor parts are big?
-If it is so good why not nobody does it more in the world?
-Nothing, or similar?
-Which parts are included in the system?
-Why ensures that the level of mismatch is less than from other shields which used the same materials?
-How is the opaque compound made?
-That is because level 3 covers up to.44 magnum and did not arrive until the. 45?
-Do your armor stop explosive bullets?
-Do of teflon?
-Do expansive?
-With steel core?
-AP o Armor Piercing?
-Do Dun Dun?
-Do tip of tungsten?
-Do grenades?
-Do incendiary bullets?
-The levels are the same in all international standards?
I have never had an armoured vehicle and would like to know who follow me with time?