Hunter TR12 Tactical Armored Vehicle

The Hunter TR-12 is an exclusive Armor International multipurpose tactical vehicles.

Initially designed for the armed forces, today has been well received by police and State security agencies.

Thanks to its design, you can enter to inaccessible areas and assist and support in places that it would not be possible to reach by other means.

This vehicle can be configured for troop transport, transportation of cargo, ambulance, anti-riot and special operations.


Tactical Armored Vehicles AMRAP – JLTV

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TR-12 tactical vehicle and its other versions are designed and manufactured by: Armor International – Bogota Colombia

  • All versions of HUNTER TR-12 are (MRAP) Mine-Resistant Protected.

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Tactical vehicle TR -12 and its other versions are designed and manufactured by : Armor International – Bogotá Colombia

+ 12 Crewmembers
+ 1 Rotating Armored Turret
+ 9 Gunports
+ Armoring 360°
+ V Shape floor anti-explosive floor protection (MRAP)
+ Front Air Conditioning / Independent rear cab air conditioning
+ Cabin air / Smoke exhaust fans (2)
+ Dual alternator
+ Electric Winch
+ Blackout Tactical Lights and Front LED high power lights
+ Front FLIR Thermal Camera
  • Accessories available for all versions. Additional accessories are offered according to needs of the applicant.
  • Some special equipment such as tactical lights have restrictions according to the country and end user.
  • The rotating turret installed in armored tactical Hunter TR-12 are supplied according to requirements of the institution and government permits.
  • – STANAG 2
  • – NIJ III
  • – EN B6

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