A specialized section in the production of armored glass, using top technology for each type of application. High quality armored glass.


Armor International has its own armored glass plant, where the glass is processed with the most advanced materials, to obtain maximum quality, visibility and resistance.

The final product is subject to be controlled by different state organizations and ballistic research laboratories, to guarantee the offered protection.

Thanks to its machinery and advanced processes, it is possible to preserve the original glass accessories, as well as to make armored glass that offers the same resistance with a lower weight.

Armored ballistic test to level III –  with occupants inside.
   – 23 Shooting with sub machine gun 9mm.
 – Bulletproof glass in 19 mm.
 – Ballistic resistance to 44 Magnum & 357 Magnum
 – Armored glass manufactured by Armor International Colombia
 – Bulletproof Glass with Ballistic Certifications as: NIJ, TNO
 – Ford EcoSport vehicle fully armored with armor system 3D-Shield
 – Total weight of armor : 160 Kilos approx. (2 persons approx. )
 – Clear View Armor is a trademark of Armor International.