Security Pack of Armor International is an anti-vandal glass and anti-theft glass designed and manufactured to any kind of vehicles to protect people and property from non-lethal attack and to meet specific threat levels.

This anti-vandal glass and anti-theft glass basically is the original glass more a special composite used to manufacturer ballistic glazing. Then, are processed to increase the resistant to have the better protection against hit like stones or other rustics objects. For these reasons, is thinner and lighter than other similar products, whilst offering better protection.

This level of security and protection comes from our specialized technique of combining layers of glass with impact resistant polycarbonates.
With this protection in your car allow conserve your viewing fields to don´t take security risks.

“Security Pack” allows excellent visibility to your doors glass, all the time protecting your special objects.
At the same time our security glass protects staff while ensuring passengers well-being.


Shield Anti Raub, better protection of glasses, the forcing of locks and robbery without a gun.