In a situation of emergency RollingArmor system you can roll up to a secure site.


Rolling Armor,
The armor accessory that has saved the largest number of lives.

armor tires

The RollingArmor is a system that settles between the wheel and the tire to maintain the vehicle in movement, even if there was a sudden loss of air, during an emergency situation.


In case of assault, projectiles or damage by sharp objects, the runflat has proven to be the most effective device to facilitate a secure escape.

The RollingArmor system is manufactured to fit most wheel sizes and tire profiles. The original wheels and tires of the vehicle are maintained.

flat tires

Once this accessory is installed, the tires of your vehicle are equipped with an internal armoring system capable of traveling several kilometers after being shot.

If a tubeless tire is punctured or deflated, you can repair it as a normal tire in a Tire Service Center.