The shields on the 2012 Summit of the Americas

Cartagena – Colombia 2012

Sources of media in the country could learn about the measures taken by the Colombian Government on security issues in the 6th Summit of the Americas. According to figures revealed, the presidential delegation of the United States, was formed by nineteen aircraft and twenty-eight armoured cars. In addition all the dresses worn by President Barak Obama were also designed with a special shielding. The windows of the room of the Hilton hotel where US President will stay also had architectural shielding.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry appointed 13 vehicles for each delegation. Each delegation or presidential caravan consisted of 4 motorcycle police, 1 car for President 1 armoured car for the Chancellor and other armored vehicles to the bodyguards. Some vehicles had mines armor and shield against projectiles of great power.

  • 400 vehicles with GPS
  • 300 video cameras
  • 36 anti-explosive robot
  • 360 motorcycles of the police
  • 20 smart police cars
  • 85 Hotels with special devices
  • 17,000 men cared the city (7,500 national police, 7,000 from the Navy, 2,000 army and 500 air force).
  • 70 horses of the police group
  • 12 squads ESMAD
  • 40 anti-narcotics dogs
  • 1 air ambulance
  • 480 manhole covers were sealed which were located in the ways by which the delegations and the Chairmen will be shifted

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