Toyota PRADO 2021

New TOYOTA LAND CUISER PRADO TX. L 2021 Armor International continues the development of its 3D-Shield ultra-light armor system for the new Toyota PRADO as one of the most successful SUV vehicles in the automotive market in Colombia and other parts of the world. Its versatility has it listed as one of the preferred vehicles for the different types of geography of the South American country such as its desert terrains in the Guajira, the great plains of the Orinoco and for high mountain terrain in the three Colombian mountain ranges where the capital is located more than 2600 meters high. Toyota Prado 2021 will continue to be the ideal armored vehicle for families and all kinds of users who see in this 4X4 a dynamic solution to face the dangerous and deteriorating roads of the cities. The 3D-Shield Armor System is characterized by adapting to the body shapes of the Toyota Prado because it uses large, minimal weight armor parts that fit the vehicle perfectly, eliminating noise and avoiding ballistic gaps. For more information on the armor of the new TOYOTA PRADO. Contact us on +57 310 85toyota armor07883Motor share shielding.| Armor Engine Area toyota armor

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