F-Air Fair Colombia 2017

One edition more of F-Air fair-2017 is successfully made at the airport Jose Maria Cordova in Rionegro Antioquia – Colombia.

In its eighth version, attendees enjoyed close military such as the F-16 and the super American tanker aircraft KC10. In addition to the air show where it was observed the mighty B-52 bomber, the speed of the F-16, breaking the sound barrier, the Kfir with the Super Tucanos, the Black Hawk and the acrobatics of FUMAÇA Brazilian team, also enjoyed of passion and affection of all the police officers and soldiers responsible for display to the public each aircraft displayed on the platform.

Among the participants as the Swedish company schedule, stood out for its display of your model of combat, the fighter GRIPEN in where attendees had the opportunity to sit in the aircraft and take pictures with the kind help of representatives who spared no answer all kinds of questions regarding this modern combat aircraft.

As you could also pass a good time practicing on simulators for a more real experience in handling the new Gripen. Private enterprise also exhibited modern models such as AGUSTAWESTLAND 139 HELICOL enterprise and executive aircraft manufactured by EMBRAER LEGACY 450 and the FALCON 2000S.

The enigmatic MI17 used in the historic mission in “Operation Jaque” could not miss. A Russian helicopter that is now displayed to offer visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of one of the most successful military strategies in military history. A dangerous mission in which no shot or a single bullet and that during the Government of President Álvaro Uribe was achieved to a large group of hostage rescue.

It is the opportunity to learn everything during the fair aviation F-Air, where spaces were created to understand the great mysteries of the world of aerospace technology, where their players are with the best disposition to provide all the explanations about what more you might be interested. While there is much to improve for next versions, expected that they can have more emblematic aircraft history and above all have the presence platform, more modern aircraft for both military and civilian.

Congratulations to all participants by one of the best events that unite and pride to the Colombian family. A good place to learn more about protection and safety.

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