Interesting facts about armored trucks

In its report on the current state of the market of the armored vehicles, the newspaper La República quickly shows the most important points to keep in mind to shield a vehicle and also to learn a bit of the current state of the Guild of the blindadoras and mostly serves as a guide for those who know a little of the topic.

Number of armoring companies registered to 2016 50 companies registered
Number of armoured vehicles in the RUNT 14.299 active vehicles with armor
Percentage of the total of registered vehicles 0.11%
Major brands chosen to shield trucks TOYOTA – FORD – CHEVROLET
Number of permit applications of shielding between 2014 and 2015 3,500
Average value of the armor level 3 $ $40 45 million plus VAT.
Average value of the shield level 4 $ $80 88 million plus VAT.
Average value of shielding level 5 More than $95 million plus VAT.
Record or report to the RUNT on the amendment of the vehicle you have 4 months to complete the report of changes made to the vehicle
Duration of the procedure before the supervision 45 days on average
Duration of the shielding process 5 weeks approximately.

Publication of the report in the newspaper La República on 11 April 2016

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