Armor International offers armor of excellent quality for all kinds of needs.

Ultra-Lightweight-Armor automotive-armor top-level-armor aviation-armor

Ultra Light Armor 3D-Shield

Automotive Armor

Top Level Armor

Armor Aircrafts

An advanced three-dimensional armor that fits to the vehicle shapes providing higher coverage with lower weight.
Combines experience innovation and quality in automobile armoring, for maximum adjustment originality and ballistic resistance.
Designed for endangered people with protection needs againts rifles and rifle ammunition .
Light and slim armor for helicopters and aircrafts. It is resistant to powerful bullets, traffic and fire. Interchangeable between units.
ambulance-armor containers-armor watercraft-armor bulletproof-vest

Ambulance Armor

Containers Armor

Watercrafts Armor

Bulletproof Vests

The safest way to move patients in high risk situations. Armored ambulances and medical emergencies.
A division that manufacturers armored containers and portable military armor bases.
An advanced three-dimensional armor that fits to the vehicle shapes providing higher coverage with lower weight.
Personal protection, vests, garments and briefcases. These products can be customized to your comfort and protection needs, optimizing weight and shot trauma.
architectural-armor armor-projects cash-in-transit-armor locomotive-armor

Architectural Armor

Armor Special Projects

Valuable Transport Truck

Locomotive Armor

Maximum protection for buildings, shop-fronts and banks, including multiple shot and forced entry.
Precise and efficient developments of unique ideas like limousines, ambulances, tactical vehicles and special armoring.
A specialized division in the armoring of high security trucks to facilitate valuables transportation.
Designed for locomotives and railroad vehicles. Highly resistant to repetitive shots and long-lasting in extreme climates.
defense-armor-military patrol-armor vidrios-blindados blindaje-anti-atraco

Defense Armor

Patrol Armor

Armor glasses

Windows barrier

Designed specifically for law-enforcement officers with high endurance and strategic defense needs.
A specialized division in the design and production of tactical vehicles, military transport and personnel carriers.
A specialized section in the production of armored glass, using top technology for every type of application.
The best window protection against forced entry and unarmed thefts.
ruedas-blindadas kits-de-blindaje accesorios-de-blindaje paneles-blindados

Rolling armor

Armor kits

Armor accessories

Armor panels

A specialized section in the production of armored wheels and “Runflats”, which allows to overcome emergencies with flat tires.
A specialized section in setting up the right components together for all type of vehicles, boats and aircrafts.
A specialized section in the design and production of accessories that provide comfort and prevent the immobilization of the vehicle during an attack.
Blindaje ligero y liviano para helicópteros y aeronaves. Alta resistencia a las balas, tráfico y fuego. Intercambiable entre unidades.