AUDI Q8 shielding

AUDI Q8 Armored with 3D-Shield

The 3D-Shield ultra-light armor kit is now available for the new AUDI Q8 | 2020 and 2021. Its design allows it to be the lightest shielding system offering superior protection over another system because it requires fewer joints between armor parts. The shielding kit consists of a series of parts that fit the vehicle's original structure making the armor a second compact structure with acoustic thermal properties. 3D-Shield is an armor concept patented by Armor International in order to preserve the originality and advanced technology of new vehicles that require special care in preserving their network of sensors distributed throughout the cabin and external areas. TShieldedhe advantages of 3D-Shield ultra-light armor have listed it as a key element to increase ballistic resistance at level III-A being selected by experts in several countries around the world as the friendliest to be installed in vehicles of all ranges for its easy-to-assemble and long-lasting features. Our shielding system is also available for other AUDI versions of the A, S and Q series. Other levels of top level armor have been developed according to customer requirements and are designed with the advice of our production and design department.The SecurityPack vandal protection system is also available to prevent attacks or attempted theft. It is a discreet and fast solution for people looking to protect themselves from common crime in cities. audi shielding MoArmoredre information onaudi q8 armor armor systems: Colombia: (+57) 311 2190 900 Other countries: Contact us here.    

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