Ultra-light Armor for Trail Blazer

Do not take risks!

Your life could be at Risk. That's Why advice with our commercial department before choosing a shielding system for your Chevrolet Vehicle. The Ultra-Lightweight 3d-shield Armor is an exclusive development of armor international and is installed only at Armor International's facilities in Colombia and its franchises in other Countries.

Respect for Life.

In Armor International, respect for life is the primary basis for developing advanced shielding using the best materials and ballistic compounds to ensure optimal armor performance in the event of an ATTACK. Additional goals to save human lives is to prolong the life or use of the vehicle by preventing its premature deterioration by contributing to a shield designed to preserve the originality of the vehicle and in turn maintain the Warranty. Thanks to the alliances achieved and the support of Armor International as the most prestigious armorer in Colombia, you will be able to purchase an armoured vehicle that will provide you with tranquility and Comfort.

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