More than 20 years armoring Toyota Land Cruiser

Working for years in developing armor for Toyota vehicles and other brands, Armor International systems has witnessed the evolution and the great work of the Toyota brand and its models Land Cruiser 200 by maintaining leadership within the 4×4 exclusive, more efficient and more reliable in its segment.

For this, we make a break in the History to highlight one of the SUV used in the world of armored vehicles. A vehicle designed for comfort but also much protection. Your body makes it a favorite for the transport of large personalities in different types of geography.

The Toyota LC200, is practically the entire planet being used and abused by its large engine and its resistance to ride all-terrain. Mechanical strengths of the hand with its structural design that was created, allow that you can assemble a ballistic armour at the highest level and be chosen as one of the pickup trucks that level shielded by Armor International to different heads of State.


Regardless, it is also preferred by individuals who require travel constantly to sites away from the city where in many cases the routes are not paved or present problems as roads with high level of insecurity.


On the roads of Colombia, Toyota footprint was always strong enough to take account of that in the last decades, the LC200 was the armoured vehicle of choice for the Presidency of Colombia, Vice President and other entities of the State. All their presidential caravans were shielded meticulously designed to maximize security and ballistic level on all units. Materials and compounds of armor were subjected to testing in special at Armor International laboratories to ensure the quality of the installed bulletproof panels.


Everything should be perfect in the Toyota LC200 is when intended as a key element within the framework of protection of a President and all his retinue. Since it began to reliance on this series which was previously LC100, many elements that chose it as the best option to shield were taken into account. Within many variables, was always considered to have specific benefits such as the relationship: weight/power, cost/benefit, warranty/maintenance etc. etc. And it was such a good vehicle, that his service was extended and reached largely to comply with one period of use within the armoured fleet of the Government. So much so that some units were reassigned to other officials requiring vehicles with armor plate at the highest level.


As part of the landscape of the Colombian trafficking is common to see the caravans of Toyota LC200 bursting between con and narrow pathways that from one moment to another are blocked at the intersection of traffic lights to give way to these speeds and roaring engines that need to be always in movement not to be white easy to attack. With his global reputation for power and backed its global brand, the LC200 has been the undisputed protagonist in vehicles that save lives to be an instrument used to protect and maintain the integrity of its passengers.

The current market allows manufacturing different versions in different countries and in addition, many units are customized according to specific requirements of Governments, companies and individuals seeking in this model have a powerful and safe transport. In other cases, looking for a reliable armor that allows them to reach their destinations with a vehicle with great performance in your engine and more efficient fuel consumption. Advances that are relevant when it comes to optimize maintenance and system of shielding technology used to preserve the lives of the people. Benefits to selecting better not be quantified it to achieve that a person can continue driving safe, quiet and enjoying the daily activities of his work and family. Persons who have been the victim of threats and attacks know the importance of having the best to protect themselves and be more secure. Even in more peaceful countries, do not hesitate to have ready units equipped with armor to provide efficient protection during transport for international governmental events involving plenty of personalities that can be targets of terrorist attacks.


Land Cruiser models have changed subtly in its outward appearance but in its interior design changes have evolved to modern standards where accessories or “gadgets” electronic have come in multiple forms forcing re configure the comfort in the internal spaces. By all this technology evolution, Armor International specialized in the design of projects which seeks to take care of and keep the interior design of cars. For this reason in the armoring of the LC 200 has been studied each space to search creatively for winning a few centimeter that place to install different armor panels without affecting the original design of the upholstery, packaging, luxuries and diversity of elements that make up a network of sensors, electronics and sophisticated mechanisms that are everywhere in the structure of the vehicle. Finally… the owner wants that everything will be in place working perfectly as if not had touched him nothing. So, shielding a LC200 is a task of high care because to enter the bowels of these cars without damaging any fiber or a nerve block, it is a task that requires not only with highly trained, if not with an endorsement of quality and a guarantee to reply for the slightest damage that can occur during the surgical process of installation of the armor pieces.

The experience of more than 30 years of Armor International shielded all Toyota Land Cruiser series, has allowed the Colombian company be able to get at their premises any model super car to prepare you a system of reliable armor that respects the original design and all of its technological components and that the end-user to paid with great zeal.

In conclusion, Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is power and for many, being Japanese is all a letter of guarantee. Its 4.4 Diesel engine cc or its version 5.7 Lt. petrol is sufficient for their faithful lovers who enjoy every day in a myriad of events 4 × 4 where all-terrain adventure is always present in their flag.

Julio César Castro C.
Advertising Agent  Armor International / Colombia
+57 1 3607166

*This article was translated by Word.
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