Armored military parade July 20 with Hunter TR 12


In the 2018 edition of the military parade on July 20th of Colombia's Independence Day, it was fortunate to see the new version of Hunter TR-12 armoured tactical vehicles. The new group of armoured vehicles maintains its imposing design and its perfect measures to comfortably and extensively transport 12 + 1 armed and equipped soldiers. It is important to note that all the armoured models of the HUNTER TR-12 are equipped with a turret mounting ring and other accessories and aids that the forces consider necessary. Some pictures of the 20th of July parade in Bogota City. Https:// Well ArmoredArmored! Our heroes accompanied by the armored Hunter TR-12 during the military parade on Colombia's Independence Day the Hunter TR12 tactical armoured is designed as a versatile multipurpose vehicle for the development of distant missions from different ins Institutions apart from the armed forces such as the Civil Defense, fire brigade, rescue teams and institutions that require transporting personnel and cargo as is the case of the UN. The Hunter's mission is to help protect the lives of its occupants in high-risk situations.      

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