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Armor International

With an experience of more than 39 years, Armor International has positioned itself in the front line of the armor business in Colombia and the world.
It is internationally recognized in the armor industry for its conscientious work and its high level of integration both in processes and product lines.
The company takes special interest in the constant innovation of ballistic materials and solutions that result in better products for its customers and distributors.

The best Ballistic Materials for offers maximum security in any kind of armor and bulletproof solution.

Armor International specializes in a variety of protection products, including: – Aircraft and Helicopter Armor – Armored Cars, Truck, and SUV Armor – Boats and Watercraft Armor – Train and Locomotive Armor – Architectural Armor – Body Armor and bulletproof vests – Armor Parts or ballistic panels/Accessories to additional ballistic protection.
Armor International offers decades of proven protection experience. Ensure your safety by contacting us today.

Quality Armorings

Armor Internationals is Specialists in the manufacture of: armored glass, Run flats , Accessories armor for all types of vehicles, aircraft , watercrafts, locomotives and personal protection.

Armor Innovation

With a working area of 11,000 square meters , equipped with modern machinery and sophisticated technology. It has an extensive network of distributors throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Armor Recognition

Armor is widely recognized by leading international agencies , embassies, government institutions and the most prestigious multinationals.

armor ballistic products

armor ballistic products

Armor Headquarter Bogotá Colombia – Assembly armor plant.

All of Armor International’s products meet and surpass demanding standards, including EN, DIN, NIJ, UL, and ISO 9001:2000. Cutting-edge construction processes and state-of-the-art machinery ensures excellence in both production and performance.

The armor produced offers many advantages, including construction from high-resistance, ultra-light ballistic material and guaranteed performance for any length of use (including daily). Another distinct benefit of Armor International’s products is our careful installation to preserve the integrity of the passengers in dangerous situations.

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