Shield for Mini Cooper vehicles

3d-Shield Ultralight shielding system

For MINI COOOPER vehicles in different versions. The 3d-shield Bulletproof shield system is designed to fit the MINI COOPER bodywork which provides maximum ballistic protection throughout the vehicle's cockpit. It keeps the original opening system and the design of the windows which do not have frame like most vehicles.

Shielding with ballistic protection:. 22 Lr | 9mm |. 38 Magnum |. 44 Magnum | Sub machine gun Mini UZI 9mm |

For those people who only need to protect themselves against common crime in the streets as the surprise robbery by breaking the glass to steal the belongings inside the vehicle, they can purchase the Security Pack Anti vandalism glass system for the Glass doors. The anti-vandal glass system is designed to withstand repetitive blows with metal objects such as hammers and spark plugs.   Do not accept imitations. All images of Armor international and its products are copyrighted and their partial or total reproduction is a crime that is punished by international authorities.

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