The newspaper El Tiempo has just published a recent report on the world of armouring in Colombia as it runs from 2019. In its analysis of the armoury market, it highlights several important aspects when choosing a reliable armor.

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In its recommendations, the editorial consulted the commercial manager and armoring systems specialist at ARMOR INTERNATIONAL Alejandro Arias, who highlighted the care that should be taken into account when choosing a shielding system.

3D-Shield Ultralight shield Kit installed on a BMW X5 model 2019

It also highlights the characteristics of the ultra-light shield 3D-Shield developed by Armor International in Colombia which is the only manufactured in custom kit system for each vehicle and thus decrease weight and increase ballistic resistance.

BMW X5 cockpit side piece as part of the 3D-Shield ultralight shielding kit manufactured by Armor International in Bogotá, Colombia.

Updated market data suggest that people are increasingly aware of seeking additional protection alternatives to ensure their safety in the midst of the growing tide of violence in cities.

Currently, crime figures can be complex but the general view is that many traders are on the lookout for the increase in Fleteos and other robbery practices implemented by criminal gangs.

To avoid being surprised by the tactics used by the criminals, it is necessary to be very well informed and to search properly which are the companies that manufacture reliable armourings since during that consultation you will be more calm and have a Clearer picture when it comes to making a decision. Analyzing the publications of prestigious media as time can help to understand and know a little the reliability of some armory companies. Knowing that they were consulted by experts from the same publisher helps a lot to confirm that the information supplied by the Shields is correct and reliable.

Meanwhile, the world of armouring evolves and reliable companies to manufacture it increasingly are less and those that remain progress maintaining a high level of responsibility to guarantee their customers the highest quality armor for their vehicles.

BMW X5 during the armoring process.
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