Armor for Range Rover

Armouring system for Range Rover Sport autobiography. 3d-Shield is the ideal ballistic protection system for people looking for reliable armor that guarantees maximum ballistic resistance against short weapon attacks from a pistol. 22, a 9mm submachine gun or a. 44 Magnum.


Best armor ballistic solutions for luxury cars

with the Ultra light shielding system 3d-shield, every vehicle can be armored with the minimum weight and maintain the original comfort of the vehicle. Thanks to its system of parts designed exclusively for each model, it achieves a shield without ballistic gaps and the elimination of noises produced by the generic shields. The composition of the 3d-Shield system helps maintain proper temperature control within the vehicle and serves as a thermal and acoustic insulator. Its manufacturing process makes it a highly resistant armour and the only one with the ideal features that people who also have the desire to maintain the originality of the vehicle for a long time are looking for.

3d-Shield shielding system manufactured exclusively by Armor International. Each piece of armour designed for the Range Rover model and other models is coded to ensure perfect body adjustment and increase ballistic resistance in all areas of the vehicle. All armour accessories are manufactured and assembled by armor International to ensure and protect the original electrical system and the multiple components of the range Rover autobiography series and other references. Our customers will be able to meet and choose the necessary armor accessories that fit their requirements and offer comfort as well as the vehicle’s handling accessories. Armor International maintains a permanent vehicle in and out control to ensure that the shield meets the goal of protecting but also maintaining all the original performance and comfort of each model. Photo: Floor armouring in the pedal area. Total protection to the wiring complex of the original electrical system and air conditioning duct system.  

Armouring 360 °

Ballistic protection with our 360 ° shielding system allows us to react more confidently at the time of an attack. Knowing the quality of the armor type installed in your vehicle will give you more security to react in the most appropriate way in high-risk situations. Don’t Stop! With our Runflat-type tire shielding system, RollingArmor you will be able to continue your path until you reach a safe place.     All Armor International armored vehicles have the advantage of being the most requested at the time of being sold after several years of use. You will always have the armor inventory installed on your vehicle which will allow you to have reliable information that will facilitate a more transparent negotiation at the time you decide to sell your vehicle. All images are property of Armor International Armour | Do not accept armored imitations that claim to be similar technology from Armor International. | Be sure to call one of our advisors on the phone: (+ 57) (1) 360 7166

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