Cars without bodyguards

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 19:40
Automobiles can be transformed into tools to combat insecurity. More and more companies and individuals shielding their cars against crime.

The increase in insecurity in the main cities of Central America has caused that companies and individuals are looking for options to protect themselves against crime. One innovative option is shielding automobiles. The polarized Honduras company pioneered these services of armor in the region, which may vary from the tires of the vehicle protection, up to the full body.

Polarized Honduras of shields for vehicles system offers 3D-Shield, a concept designed by compounds of high resistance to fit any car.

Also has products for protection of glasses as shielded windows, runflats, intercoms, fenders, radiator, intercom with siren blinds, gas chile, strobe lights among others. These accessories can provide alternatives to escape the shield as such cannot accomplish.

It transported in an armoured car protected from impacts of bullets and is a shield of protection against kidnapping attempts. Having an armoured vehicle gives occupants a window to take evasive actions and thus achieve out of place for the attack in a way unscathed.

The company has its assembly plant in San Pedro Sula.

Article taken from the magazine markets and trends.

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