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The first impact all the shields are good… Second, it is better to be an Armor International!

Armor International has specialized in armoring all types of vehicles since 1984. Working in conjunction with aeronautics agencies, Armor International develops increasingly lighter armor composites with the flexibility to meet clients’ needs. .

Its advanced machinery, impressive production capacity, and highly qualified personnel have solidified Armor International’s position as one of the leading armoring companies in the world. It is widely recognized by embassies, top international agencies, government institutions, and prestigious multinational corporations.

Integral Security! 

Armor International produces, assembles, and commercializes armor parts and systems that protect the lives of customers nationally and internationally. These products are held to the strictest quality control requirements, meeting and surpassing demanding international standards, including EN, DIN, NIJ, UL, and ISO 9001:2000. The Armor International team is a highly qualified group of professionals committed to continuously improving processes. We use only the most durable materials and advanced specialized machinery, guaranteeing excellence in both production and performance.

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