Hunter TR-12 new Tactical Vehicles | 2018

Continuing with the use of new technologies for armoured vehicles, armor International delivers to the Colombian National Army a rapid and advanced development applied in the latest HUNTER TR-12 tactical vehicles. Taking advantage of all the resources that have been tested in the field for more than 8 years, several components of the whole vehicle were adjusted where a real update was achieved in its chassis, armour and electronics. All the new developments of this new model of armored tactical vehicle are exclusively used by armor International and the armed forces. But it is not difficult to discern that behind a Ford chassis and armor International armouring development There is only the guarantee of being in front of the best product that will provide a great help to the troop in the cities as well as in terrains and areas of difficult access. The Hunter 2018 model also offers the possibility to apply new variants and be reconfigured according to the security programs developed by the different forces.  

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