Permission of shielding


Vehicles with protection grade three onwards should only do diligence and it has a cost of 67,500 pesos. The grade one and two carry the card that gives them the blindadora directly.

With the intention of offering a higher level of security to their families, many people seek the way of shielding their vehicles or protect them from extreme situations like robberies, kidnappings, bombings and shootings, through specialized materials that help to minimize entry of any impact towards the interior of automobiles, which are installed in glasses or full frame.

There are levels one and two, which are those who specialize in antiatracos or in combat handguns impacts or to a caliber of 9 mm, respectively.

However, there are those who aspire to an armor higher because their loved ones or they themselves require another type of care, and for that grade three onwards, which, before being installed in the automotive – require the endorsement of the Superintendence of surveillance and private security, which, since 2003, streamlined its response capacity and now – instead of three months – delay only 15 days to grant the permission.

Completed this process, stakeholders should be addressed to any of the offices of the transit and transport (Sett) services to be able to file the corresponding procedure, whose cost is 67,500 pesos. The shield details to these people, in addition to the card that gives them the respective blindadora, on the card of the vehicle.

Development of the diligence
So that diligence doesn't have any type of problem it is advisable to cancel the value of the process in some of the windows of Sept and have ready the following documents:

• When the return do not directly the owner, dealer or importer, needs his authorization with signature and fingerprint.

• Also required the form only national (FUN) – fully completed – with imprints (that should be attached to the form), signatures and footprints.

• In the same way, a photocopy of the payment of tax of the vehicle of the year should be included in course (autoavalúo), with payment seal visible or copy of Declaration and electronic payment of the tax on motor vehicles.

Taken from the time section vehicles

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