During the edition of Expodefensa 2017 the Colombian National Army presents among its multiple flagships, the Hunter TR-12 tactical vehicle as one of the vehicles tested in combat and for more than 5 years has provided its transportation services Troop and tactical support in their different operations in the south of the country.

More than 5 years preserving the lives of our heroes

The version of the TR-12 Hunter presented in this event, is the basic version of the TR-12 but with some attachments as a tactical complement to perform rapid operations on road safety control and troop transport to areas of difficult access.  

The Hunter TR-12 is present at the Expodefensa 2017 fair. Unique tactical vehicle tested in various real and multiple-operative combats performed in different parts of the center of the country. After 5 years, we found a vehicle with imperceptible wounds on some of its glass and ballistic steel hull. Impacts resulting from harassment and attacks during demonstrations during roadblocks to the country's tracks. Some blows with stones and others by impacts of rifle by ambushes of the guerrillas.

Friends who preserve and value life.

More and more are the friends who have only won the Hunter. His help to the troop makes him a winner and is given absolute recognition for his reliability and above all … For the great comfort it provides to its occupants. It is inevitable to overlook its great interior space and how comfortable it is when visitors come to browse a little. He has always been the subject of national admiration and pride as a vehicle designed to offer timely support in operations that require the imposing and security of a real armoured tactical vehicle.

Designed for Danger!

Because of its design, size and multiple features, it is classified as the lowest price, leaving competitors out of competition. The Hunter is the option designed for Governments to take urgent note to take advantage of the technology and innovation of the national industry and thus to update their fleet of transport with real machines with a minimum price.

In addition, they would also help greatly boost local technological development in the area of military transport with an advanced level of military logistical development in the private industry. In this case with the pioneer of the Bogotá Armor International.

Real security solution to the troop

With the Hunter TR-12 is mainly sought to protect the life of the troop when conducting patrol operations in isolated sites where most attacks are ambushed and explosive artifacts buried on the road resulting in casualties Immediate of our soldiers without allowing them to have a minimum of time to react.

Armoured patrol. Not unprotected!

The use of trucks with stakes or inmates to transport the troops has left countless tragedies in Colombian families due to the deadly nature of the attacks perpetrated throughout the national geography. Even in times of peace agreements there were many soldiers and policemen who lost their lives immediately by being attacked with explosives and high caliber ammunition impacts by not having any kind of protection in their vehicles. For all this, it is important to highlight the big mistake of using or acquiring small traditional vehicles or truck-type SUV with seedlings that do not offer any protection in an armed conflict like the one currently being developed at the Latin American level.

Respect for life!

The Hunter is presented at Expodefensa 2017 Colombia, as a vehicle designed from the outset to protect the lives of its occupants. Regardless of their physical design or their details of their line in the basic version of the first model, the most relevant is the responsibility of presenting a vehicle of such magnitude to be used under adverse conditions in a conflict where their Protagonists has not hesitated to attack the state with the most cowardly and terrifying strategies. It's not a vehicle to improvise. It is a tactical armoured to help the troop and solve a current problem in the transport of our soldiers and police to make the state presence in places of difficult access.

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