Armor International’s locomotive armor is designed to provide trains and railroad vehicles with maximum protection. Trains are among the most difficult vehicles to armor, as they can’t move away from oncoming attacks. This means they must be able to withstand multiple shots. In addition, many locomotives operate in extreme climates, ranging from desert to snow. The materials used to armor them must be able to withstand these changes. Finally, a locomotive’s transmission, engine, cooling and electrical systems are different from those of any other vehicle.


Armor for maximum resistance to repeated impacts and long life in extreme climates for locomotives and rail vehicles.

Since 1981 Armor International has conducted various types of armor, repair and maintenance of armor in trains and locomotives.

Since 1981, Armor International has designed a diversity of armor systems for the mining sector, such as locomotives or coal transport trains. Highly trained personnel to perform specialized work in remote places complying with the highest demands of Industrial safety.