Designed for people who need protection against theft, crimes, assault and kidnappings.
The best option for those who live within the cities,
where attacks are carried out with small guns.


3D-Shield is a concept in completely new, lightweight armor and which provides greater coverage with its three-dimensional design, which allows to obtain, a comprehensive high protection shield.

It is a system of shielding of preformed parts that conform strictly to the complex shapes of the body of the vehicle.



Through this system of armoring, molds or ballistic diapers, are manufactured in preformed one-piece, which are adjusted according to the measures and design of the vehicle, allowing a significant reduction in weight and number of connections.

The system has been designed for each model in particular, ensuring an excellent link to the body, avoiding welding or modifications to the original structure of the vehicle, and don’t use scraps to form one large piece.

Thus shielding panel conforms to the profile and the complex shapes of the interior walls of the vehicle without the need for strengthening with steel parts

Ultra shield lightweight 3D-Shield: only advantages!

Shield-advanced armor

 + Versatility:
 armor-3d-shield armor-ok Lower weight by not wearing steel joints.
armor-ok Best appearance to keep 100% of the original painting.
armor-ok Every designed piece is specific to each vehicle model.
armor-ok Do not use snippets to complement the area to shield.
armor-ok It ensures a perfect coupling.
armor-ok Avoid welding, cutting or modifications
armor-ok It preserves the originality of the vehicle.
armor-ok The molds or ballistic panels are manufactured in one piece.




 + More Advantages!
 armor-auto  armor-ok Maximum security shield.
 armor-ok Greater protection with a coverage of homogeneous thickness, all around of the vehicle.
 armor-ok “Don’t Cut No Damage” technology.
 armor-ok Increased security since the panels are easily deformable in case of accident.
 armor-ok Optimal adjustment to the structure of the vehicle.
 armor-ok Thermal and acoustic insulation.
 armor-ok Does not produce noise.
 armor-ok Keep the original electrical system of the vehicle.
 armor-ok Total shielding of the fragmentary anti floor.
 armor-ok Protection to the rear air conditioning system.
 armor-ok Perfect fit to the original form of the bodywork floor.




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